Artist statement

I make large format monoprints and drawings and spatially oriented sculptural installations. I work with methods of assemblage, casting and spatial arrangement motivated by my innate bearings and inspired by inherent qualities in the materials I work with. I work across materials and processes using plaster, clay and cast glass combining materials in non-traditional ways.

The studio is an experimental laboratory where work begins as exploration with shape and materials to find openings to a new perception.  Somewhere in this inventive process, often between intention and lack of it, an authentic art can reveal itself. This revelation is not possible to anticipate although I can place things in some kind of alignment where it might happen and here there is room for all things to be held in consideration, explored or related. I consider what is present, what is in flux and what is going away. The work pushes energetically toward the viewer by expanding layered surfaces outward and non-traditional resolutions forward resolving itself somewhere between intention and lack of it.